• I’m here at the annual meeting for Smile Source. This is my first day as a Smile Source Member, and I can’t wait to be a part of this organization. I am so excited about what the future holds for this organization. I’d advise you to join. Don’t think twice. Just do it.

    Dr. Scott White – Glenpool, Ok
  • I absolutely love being a part of Smile Source. It has really opened my eyes to new levels of marketing that I have never heard or seen before. I am extremely happy and excited to be a part of this very innovative organization.

    Dr. Alice Lam – Houston, Texas
  • I became a member of Smile Source in January and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I the love the group, they are innovative. We are in Las Vegas and we are having an incredible time and you need to be here.

    Dr. Matthew Steinberg – Austin, TX
  • Glad to be here for our meeting this year. Very excited I joined Smile Source at the end of last year. So far I have been really pleased with everything. It’s kind of a learning process and that is why I am excited to be at the meeting this year. To learn more ways to implement the Smile Source that can help my practice grow. The labs and the companies I have been dealing with have been great. The vendors are excellent and I look forward to continuing to grow my practice with Smile Source.

    Dr. Ford Gatgens – Nashville, TN
  • Smile Source gives me confidence that my 14 Year old son will be able to Practice Independent Dentistry with me. Without a Strong Alliance across Independent Dentists, I’m not sure there is a future for us to practice together.

    Dr. Philip Shipp – Nashville, TN
  • On average I'm saving 17% on dental supplies and the ideas I'm getting from dentists around the country are phenomenal

    Dr. Ian Topelson – Glendale, CO
  • I like the idea of being involved in a network of doctors with a common interest in the way we run our practices, offering signature Dental care to our patients. The study club format gives me the ability to work with peers that know the issues we face every day on our own.

    Dr. Jawanna Wilkins – Stone Mountain, GA
  • I joined Smile Source to save money, grow my practice and to make life better for all of us.

    Dr. Sonja Gill – Huntsville, AL
  • I joined to be with a group of likeminded dentists. The savings are a plus, but I joined to get access to a group of Dentists that I can share with and learn from. All the issues that affect my practice like Marketing, Staff, Products, Procedures, and the list goes on can benefit from this.

    Dr. Jordan Brunson – Palmetto, GA
  • I want to survive as a quality dentist for my patients, staff, family and community. I want to stop being squeezed by Insurance, Vendors and Competitors. Smile Source gives us (Independent Dentists) the opportunity to stand together for the better of our profession.

    Dr. Joseph Narde – Columbus, GA
  • Mastermind of docs with infinite potential.

    Dr. Bernee Dunson – Atlanta, GA
  • We are pioneering the way to proactively preserve independent private practice dentistry.

    Dr. Scott White – Glenpool, OK
  • I love the camaraderie and great sharing of ideas from some of the finest practices in the world! No other progressive organization has this energy.

    Dr. Matthew Steinberg – Austin, TX
  • The most impressive thing about Smile Source is the quality and integrity of the Smile Source Team and the administrators involved. Just an awesome group. Truly impressed with “the best of the best” attitude and willingness to share amongst all.

    Dr. Fred Slete – Jackson, MI
  • There is no other organization that can support my marketing efforts and can deliver effective, modern marketing in the way that Smile Source can! Their marketing infrastructure is unheard of in dentistry.

    Dr. Alice Lam – Houston, TX
  • I love that Smile Source is going to do for the profession of dentistry as we go into the future!

    Dr. Ola Englund – Spokane, WA
  • Smile Source gives me the opportunity to get fired up about the practice of dentistry again. I’m excited to implement new strategies to work with like-minded dentist to grow our practices and enjoy the process.

    Dr. Marc Roberts – Decatur, GA
  • I love the people, the incredible support we get from the home office, the sharing of best practices, and the common goal of preserving and strengthening independent dentistry.

    Dr. Richard Abrams – Erie, CO
  • Simply there is power in numbers!

    Dr. Cassandra Brackett – Decatur, GA
  • I joined for the security of a likeminded group of independent dentists collaborating together.

    Dr. Paige Lester – Birmingham, AL
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