Why Brand as Smile Source?

At our 2012 North American Meeting, Smile Source introduced a new brand identity, including a new logo. Those who were present saw some compelling reasons to incorporate the brand into their practice, including research that showed consumers were more likely to choose practices that utilized the Smile Source logo and branding in their external signs versus the doctor name alone or a "generic" DBA practice name.

With this information at our fingertips, I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to join with your colleagues across North America in making Smile Source a part of your practice's identity. Together, we can make Smile Source the most powerful brand in dental care. One that represents our shared values of independence, innovation and commitment to the highest standards of patient care.

Fully Branded or Partially Branded

Once the decision is made to accept the advantages of Smile Source Branding the next step is to decide if you would like to fully or partially brand.

Fully branded practices prominently display “Smile Source” above the practice or doctor’s name.

Partially branded offices display the doctor or practice name above “a member of Smile Source.”

The pros of fully branding your practice are realized through increased association with Smile Source marketing and branding efforts.



Download Smile Source Logos, Graphic Standards, Guidelines and other useful documents.

Smile Source Brand Standards

This document is a collection of information, artwork, drawings, and specifications that will enable development teams to implement the Smile Source concept with consistent branding. The Table of Contents will help you locate the information appropriate to your needs. It is important that all guidelines and specifications are followed as indicated in this document. Variations or interpretations of the design can result in an inconsistent execution and a diluted brand experience. Digital files of the documents herein can be requested from Smile Source Corporation or its development team.

Smile Source Logo Collection

This zip file contains all Logos covered in the Smile Source Brand Standards, Smile Source Graphic Standards, Smile Source Brand Checklist, and Smile Source Sign Co-Op Guidelines.