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Dental Filling


A small cavity, left untreated, can grow to destroy an entire tooth. Unlike our skin, teeth don’t heal naturally. Only professional dental care can correct your cavities and return optimal oral health. A dental filling, made from white composite resin or porcelain inlay, can fill a prepared cavity and reinforce a tooth’s structure.


To place a filling, the dentist will first prepare your tooth by removing decay and bacteria. Surface cavities often don’t require anesthesia, but the dentist will make sure you’re comfortable during treatment. After preparation of the tooth, a small bit of tinted, liquid composite resin will be placed into the cleaned cavity. After the material hardens, the dentist will sculpt and polish the filling. Porcelain inlays or fillings may be fabricated in a lab or in the office, and once cemented into position are more durable than a composite filling.
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