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How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are made with materials well accepted by the body. Bone forms a natural mechanical bond with the dental implants. Dental implants provide a base for your dentist to build your replacement tooth or teeth.

What are the benefits of Dental Implants

  • 1 Did you know that oral health is a major factor of good general health?¹ Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants and implant crowns should allow you to live your life as if you had never suffered from missing teeth. When your dental implant treatment is complete, you should be able to chew, speak and socialize without experiencing the negative emotions that having missing teeth can sometimes cause.

    Dental implants with implant crowns will help minimize the amount of bone that will be lost in the areas of missing teeth. Preserving oral bone may help maintain your remaining natural teeth and natural facial contours. Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants may also reduce your risk of having poorer nutritional habits often found in patients who do not replace missing teeth.
  • How can Dental Implants improve my health?

  • 2 People with missing teeth or non-implant-supported options have problems eating certain foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, which can compromise their nutrition. Denture-wearing patients often lose some of their ability to taste foods. In addition, chewing can be difficult and painful so digestion is often compromised. Because dental implants function more like teeth, these offer the benefit of better health due to improved nutrition and taste, as well as proper digestion.
  • Possible Consequences of Not Replacing Missing Teeth:

    • Loss of natural facial contours
    • Increased facial wrinkles
    • Loss of youthful appearance
    • Loss of lip support
    • Nose and chin are closer together
    • Difficulty chewing
    • Digestive problems due to the inability to chew food properly
    • Wearing dentures alone may accelerate bone loss

    Possible Advantages of Replacing Your Missing Teeth:

    • Therapy that mimics nature
    • Helps to preserve natural facial contours and aesthetics
    • May minimize or reduce bone loss in areas where implants have been placed
    • Facilitates proper eating and chewing
    • Replacement teeth will not move as do non-implant supported partials and dentures
    • Enhances quality of life